About us

The Story of New York Christhava Tamil Koil

Established in 1982

It is not “just another” story about a church. It is a continuing story of Tamil speaking people who have been deeply concerned about a necessary service for new immigrants who are in need of spiritual and / or special help.

One could well-say that the CTK story began in 1982. It was in that year CTK was founded in New York City. The first pastor Rev.Dr.Sunder Devaprasad, a man of vision and with a love of Christ in his heart saw the needs of the Tamil people to worship in their mother tongue and he has helped to organize the church in New York City.

From 1982 to the present day, CTK has brought a dynamic Christian witness to many, many of its own and by other means to people near and far. The story of that Christian proclamation and witness would fill many books in itself.

After moving four times in four corners of Queens, we finally settled at 79-11 Caldwell Avenue, Middle Village, New York.

With the assistance of Metropolitan Association of United Church of Christ, we bought the church in the year 2002 and are worshiping and carrying out several ministries for the glory of God.

Our church recognizes the Bible as the sufficient rule of faith and practice and holds that living in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ as the true test of fellowship. Each member will have the undisturbed right to follow the word of God according to the dictates of his own conscience under the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

Worship with us every Sunday.

Tamil Service: 9 a.m.

Pray and participate as an active Christian.